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The Quinoa and Lentil Stuffed Peppers


Some would think that you can only make stuffed food with minced meat but they’re actually mistaken. Stuffed tomatoes, courgettes or aubergines work very well with plant-based filling. And you don’t need to be a vegetarian to enjoy them!

I usually make batches of whole grains and legumes for the week so I have them on hand when it comes to preparing quick lunches or dinners. I used quinoa, cashew nuts and lentils in this preparation.

Keep in mind that:

  • whole grain + legumes = complete protein  (brown rice + beans)
  • nuts/seeds + legumes = complete protein (whole-grain bread with nuts and seeds + hummus)

This recipe is therefore high in protein as there is a combination of cashew nuts, lentils and quinoa!

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The sweet potato and kidney bean burger

My two besties from university came over for dinner the other day; I just love it when I get to cook for my friends! Magali and Marie – who shall remain nameless, hello ladies! – are both meat eaters so I wanted to surprise them with some vegan delight! And I also want to show them (especially Marie, who has always been a bit skeptical) that eating clean – and vegan to a certain extent – is tasty, creative, filling and nutritious.

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The surprising Brussels Sprout salad

Like most kids, I used to hate Brussels Sprouts. Who doesn’t have an image of soggy Brussels sprouts on the dinner table, and got stuck with it? My cousin is a chef and has always told me that all veggies were good, provided they were well-cooked and seasoned. True story. Let’s see if we can eliminate the prejudices you might have against Brussels Sprouts with this very easy and healthy recipe, ready in about 10 minutes and at a very low cost.

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The chickpea, courgette and quinoa burger

I had never made veggie burgers before, true story. I’ve prepared tuna patties, chicken meatballs, but never actual veggie burgers ! My dear friend Mimi was the very first one to have dinner with me in my new place, so I wanted to make something new and delicious!

I came across a recipe on Avoca Pesto – a nice clean eating website – so I decided to use it as a base. I reproduced almost all the steps, but I changed some ingredients to have different flavours.

20 minutes of preparation + another 20 minutes to cook.

6 burgers (depending on how big you like them – mine were pretty big so I could only make 4 – I reckon smaller would have been better)

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