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The Carrot ‘n Pear Juice

This juice is a very bright and happy way to start your day! You might think that carrots and pears are a weird combination, but it’s actually really good and creamy! 29497818_10156232722877640_303879445976973312_o

I love making up juice recipes; I made this one up with the veggies and fruits I had left. The important thing to keep in mind when you invent your own juices is to make sure that you roughly have a 70% veggie – 30% fruit ratio so you don’t end up with a juice that contains too much sugar.  Continue reading

The vegan pear and chia delight

It’s the pear season! As I try to buy seasonal and local products as much as possible, I eat lots of them in autumn and winter. My only issue is that the organic ones get all soft very quickly – and I must admit that I’m not a big fan of fruit when they get all mushy-mushy. I also hate throwing food away so I often end up making compotes.

This pear & cinnamon compote mixed with a chia yogurt full of fibre and antioxidant is great for breakfast or for desert! (Read more about the powerful Chia Seeds here).

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