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The lemony broccoli soup

Winter is coming… or at least autumn is! Temperatures have slightly dropped and it’s getting dark much earlier – which is kinda depressing to me. I’ve been in the mood for warm comforting food; some would suggest a cheese fondue but I’d rather go for soup.

Believe or not, I had never ever made broccoli soup before, so I looked on Pinterest for some inspiration. I found ideas here and there, and made up my own recipe. Don’t wanna brag, but it’s gorgeous!

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The other cruciferous salad

I love it when friends come over for dinner, it’s always an opportunity to try something new and pamper them. Food is so enjoyable, comforting, sometimes better than words and a great way for me to demonstrate how much I care about those for whom I prepare it. Yesterday’s guest being my lovely friend Elise, I wanted something fresh and colourful: a super spring salad. Nothing new so far you’d say, but a salad can be different every time; with as many flavours, textures and colours as you can wish for.

For the first time ever, I cooked and ate the gorgeous Romanesco Broccoli – a cross between broccoli and cauliflower. It has a soft texture and tastes pretty much like latter actually. 1893957_150328100259_01204

How to cook it ? 1 – Separate the steams so you get cute flowers. 2 – Steam or boil for about 10 minutes, depending on how soft you want them really. 3- Drain under cold water. 4- Place them in a recipient with cold water and some ice cubes so they keep a nice colour. (There’s some cooking history running in my family, I have learned a few good tips when it comes to cooking, chopping and stuff.) Continue reading

The super cruciferous salad

Look at these colours! Don’t you just wanna dig in there?Cruciferous

Cruciferous vegetables are super vegetables. They help prevent cancer and they shrink tumours. But not only! They also reduce inflammation, stimulate immunity, protect the brain, and they’re super detoxifying.

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