My clean grocery shopping list

‘Real’ food is the key word. There is nothing refined or processed in my clean grocery shopping list, only fresh and plant-based ingredients. You’ll see that there is no meat or fish, but that’s up to you. Don’t get me wrong, you need proteins, but you can also find them by combining grains and legumes.

If possible, try to buy organic and local; look out for organic baskets delivery/pick-up in your neighbourhood or go to your local market.

A world of culinary wonders lies in front of you! Explore and experiment, and eat happily! the-clean-grocery-shopping-list



What about proteins?


Proteins are essential to a balanced and healthy diet. They contribute to helping improve your mood, brain function and body mass; they promote longevity, and help manage weight.

If you’re not a meat eater, it can be quite challenging to get the right amount, especially if you don’t know where to get them.

About 10 years ago I went to a dietician friend of my Dad’s who was worried about me barely eating any meat, and supposedly not getting any proteins. Well guess what Dad, this health professional said that you could get complete proteins in a plant-based diet, provided you combine whole grains with legumes! So there you go, as long as you follow a few guidelines, your body will get all it needs!

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The glorious carrot ginger muffin


I’ve always had a soft spot for the carrot muffin, my very first clean dessert! I realised then that desserts didn’t have to be ‘dirty’ – with refined sugar or white flour for example. In this recipe, most ingredients are plant-based, and there is zero refined anything. How awesome is that?

I’m sure you already know that carrots are good sources of vitamin A and vitamins C, fibre and potassium. I’d recommend some walnuts or chia seeds to add a bit of omega-3 – can’t hurt, can it?  The coconut oil keeps the muffin moist and is also one of the good fats. Continue reading

The truth about fat

good-fatsLow-fat diets are just a joke and a big – fat – lie! Many people think that avocados and nuts will make them put on weight, but that’s non-sense. Yes, you find them in the “fatty section”, but fat doesn’t necessarily go straight to the bum! Fats are actually an essential component of a healthy diet; they are a good source of energy, they help the brain and other cells to function well, they make your skin glow and they even favour weight loss. Now, don’t get me wrong, you can’t eat all kinds of fats recklessly; there are bad ones and good ones.  Continue reading

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