Savoury recipes

The guacamole and kidney beans stuffed sweet potatoes

  My dear friend Valerie came over for dinner; she’s also a clean foodie, and a excellent cook. I didn’t have much time to go grocery shopping, so I used what was in my fridge to make up something. Outcome? Deliciously healthy!     Ingredients Sweet potatoes, 2 Kidney beans, 300-400gr (you can use canned beans,…… Continue reading The guacamole and kidney beans stuffed sweet potatoes

Sweet recipes

The Matcha pow(d)er breakfast bowl

If you enjoy drinking green tea, you’re going to love this! This breakfast bowl is a powerhouse of nutrients, antioxidants and good fats; it does give a great start of the day. Matcha powder is my latest discovery, you can read more in my previous post here (it’s interesting you’ll see). Ingredients Greek Yogurt, for one…… Continue reading The Matcha pow(d)er breakfast bowl

Savoury recipes

The sweet potato wedges

A super healthy and easy alternative to fried chips; although taste-wise, sweet potatoes and potatoes have nothing in common. Ingredients Sweet Potatoes, peeled (the quantity is up to you) Olive oil Salt, pepper Paprika Garlic powder Dried oregano or thyme Procedure Pre-heat the over at 200°C Cut the sweet potatoes in wedges and put them…… Continue reading The sweet potato wedges

Savoury recipes

The chickpea, courgette and quinoa burger

I had never made veggie burgers before, true story. I’ve prepared tuna patties, chicken meatballs, but never actual veggie burgers ! My dear friend Mimi was the very first one to have dinner with me in my new place, so I wanted to make something new and delicious! I came across a recipe on Avoca Pesto – a nice clean…… Continue reading The chickpea, courgette and quinoa burger