Trust your Gut!

You have probably already been told to trust your gut when facing a decision; or you’ve had a gut feeling about something. Any idea why? I’ll tell you. It turns out that the gut is our second brain; it’s called the the enteric nervous system (and it actually contains more neurotransmitters than our actual brain). It therefore needs to be healthy and happy for you to be as well.

What is the gut exactly, and why does it need to be healthy?

The gut is the long tube that starts at the mouth, travels through the stomach, the small intestine, the colon, and ends in the rectum; it’s the gastrointestinal tract or digestive system. 

Funny story, nearly 70% of the immune system is located in the gut; and the bacteria living in it are our first line of defence against the outside world. Bacteria in the gut, you ask? Absolutely! There is a whole ecosystem of thousands of different species living in there; it’s called the gut microbiome. It’s made of good bacteria (Lactobacillus or Bifidobacteria for example) and bad ones (yeasts, parasites, and fungus).  Continue reading

Five good reasons to go vegetarian or reduce your meat consumption. 

As a future Health Coach, I don’t advocate any specific diet, for the simple reasons that Diets don’t work and there is no such thing as one-diet-fits-all. We are all unique individuals with different needs, body types, lifestyles, etc. Some need meat, others don’t; it’s called bio-individuality, one person’s food is another person’s poison. You know what’s best for you, but maybe you can make the right choice with some information in hands.

In this article I will therefore discuss the benefits of a vegetarian diet and also what you can do if you don’t really feel like eliminating meat from your diet…yet.

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Tips for Healthy & Easy Home-Cooked Meals

IMG_5320.JPGNothing beats a home-cooked and healthy meal shared with loved ones!

As you might have read from a previous post, I’m now studying to become a Health Coach, with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I’m learning loads everyday, which I really want to share with you.

Some would think that eating healthy is difficult, time-consuming and expensive, but I beg to differ. If I can put a healthy meal in less than 15 minutes and for little money, so can you. It’s no rocket science.

Here are a few useful tips that you can keep in mind:

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My journey to Health Coaching

Dear readers,

This is a long-overdue post, it’s high time I updated you on the exciting changes in my life (which are going to benefit all of you actually). My sister calls it my rebirth, and it’s actually how it feels.

To start with, my two cats, my cold-press juicer and myself have just moved to another continent, in a totally different life. We have joined my partner in Maputo (Mozambique) where the avocados are bigger, pineapple sweeter, and mangoes tastier than I have ever experienced. It’s fruit and vegetable paradise, my kind of heaven.  Continue reading

Vegan or Plant-Based?

I’ve been asked the distinction between the vegan diet and the plant-based diet. I hope my answer won’t sparkle a heated debate as I understand it can be a sensitive topic.

First, let’s be clear : the word diet doesn’t mean I-want-to-lose-weight, I’m talking about styles of eating. Continue reading