Clean eating

Vegan or Plant-Based?

I’ve been asked the distinction between the vegan diet and the plant-based diet. I hope my answer won’t sparkle a heated debate as I understand it can be a sensitive topic.

First, let’s be clear : the word diet doesn’t mean I-want-to-lose-weight, I’m talking about styles of eating. Continue reading

What is clean eating?

eat-real-foodClean eating has become my ‘food philosophy’; it has totally changed my relationship with food.

Clean eating is not about dieting or counting calories, there is no guilt and no pressure. It’s all about enjoying real foods in their most simple form;  vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes. It’s a rainbow of colours and flavours on your plate every day! Needless to say that it provides great sources of vitamins, nutrients, healthy fats and proteins (yes, that too!). It’s a very healthy and happy way of eating; you don’t feed your body, you nourish it with the best that nature has to offer!

Clean eating bans all kinds of naughty refined foods such as white flour, refined sugar and oil. Last but not least, and it might not please the bacon-eaters, but it also limits the consumption of meat (chicken and fish included), eggs (Omega-3 or/and organic are fine though), and dairy products. Continue reading

Diets simply don’t work

eb8a8126639aadbfe252e93ec2c3092fDiets are destined for failure. Everyone should know that. They might work on a short-term basis, but then what?

The ‘egg diet’, the Atkins diet, the ‘carrot diet’, the ‘low-carb diet’, the ‘I only eating in the morning diet’, the ‘500 calories a day diet’; none of them work because none of them are sustainable. Of course you’ll lose weight, but you’ll regain it really fast if you don’t make a real life change. Let’s see why. Continue reading

Food, stress and depression

dessert backStress, anxiety, memory loss, depression… These conditions are all linked to an unhealthy lifestyle and a bad diet. It’s well-known that junk food is bad for the body and the heart, and it has been proven to have a disastrous effect on the brain.

By junk food, I don’t necessarily mean McDonald’s or Pizza Hut. In the same category you’ll find chocolate bars, ready meals, industrial bread, white pasta, salad dressing, everything that is labelled ‘low-fat’ or ‘sugar free’, industrial fruit juices, margarine, sports drinks, processed so-called organic food, breakfast cereal, cake, …. the list is endless! Continue reading

The (salad) lunch box or How to get organised

I make my my own lunch everyday, and I couldn’t have it any other way for several reasons: I know exactly what’s in it – and since I can be a bit of a control freak, it works out quite well; it’s much cheaper than eating out; and I produce less waste. I find it also quite satisfying! That being said, when my fridge is empty I do buy my lunch somewhere around the office and it’s really not the end of the world.

I generally have salads – but don’t get me wrong, not a two-leaves-of-lettuce-and-a-tomato salad, I mean a proper salad with at least 4 different types of veggies, some seeds, cereal and/or legumes. I hardly ever have animal proteins in there, but the combination of cereal and legumes makes up for it.

Continue reading

Let your eyes fool your stomach

How? You gotta make your eyes see something that is not! It works like a charm, and I’m sure that children would be completely taken in.

A few months ago, I discovered the red and green lentils pasta – you can find them in any organic store They look like spirelli or penne, but they’re 100% made of lentils! How awesome is that? Your eyes think you’re eating pasta when you’re actually eating something plant-based and healthy.

FullSizeRender-1               FullSizeRender

I also bought a vegetable spiraliser, and it’s flipping great! It basically works like a pencil sharpener, and it turns your vegetables into spaghetti! I use it all the time; and if you have little ones, I’m sure they’d be fans too! The advantage is that you don’t need to cook the vegetables for too long, so you keep all the good stuff!


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