The Five-Day Juice Detox – Day Four

Day Four !! I didn’t like today very much; I’ve experienced the “I NEED FOOD” symptom so it was hard to focus at work. According to Jason Vale – the Juice Master – it’s perfectly normal. In his “Hunger SOS” post, he calls it a mental hunger, which is not a genuine physical hunger as my body is being fed the pure nutrition it needs. It’s just that I want to eat so I guess my brain thinks I’m hungry. I followed his advice and had (half) an avocado, and it worked like a charm. No, it’s not cheating! You can’t even chew on an avocado .

Overall, I’m still feeling pretty good and full of energy but I must admit that I can’t wait for Day Five.

Here is what Day Four looked like:

  • 7am: Hot water with some lemon
  • 9:55am: Ginger Shot
  • 10am: Nature’s Super Blend
    • Herbal tea
  • 1pm: Minty Sunshine
    • Herbal tea
  • 4pm: Minty Sunshine
    • Herbal tea and cucumber-infused water
  • 7pm: Nature’sSuper Blend + half an avocado
    • Herbal tea

Stay tuned! Tomorrow’s the last one!

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