The Five-Day Juice Detox – Day Two

Day Two, check! Some might think that drinking only juices would make you feel tired or without any energy, but I can tell you it’s the opposite!

Day Two looked like this (you can click on the names of the juices to find the recipes):

  • 7am: Hot water with some lemon
  • 9:55am: Ginger Shot
  • 10am: Veggie Power
    • Herbal tea
  • 1pm: Ruby Tuesday
    • Herbal tea
  • 4pm: Ruby Tuesday
    • Herbal tea and cucumber-infused water
  • 7pm: Veggie Power
    • Herbal tea

Today was quite painless, no more headache, no cravings, not hungry and not cranky! I woke up on top form, did some yoga and went to work all pumped up! I felt great both physically and mentally throughout the day; I was focused at work and even had enough energy to attend my favourite Interval Training class at Crossfit tonight!

I didn’t really think about food either, it has quickly become a ‘non-issue’. I think it would be quite different if I felt miserable and starving; but since the results so far have been great, it makes it much easier to stay committed and motivated.

Stay tuned!


  1. LYBEER Monique says:

    Merci, ma puce, pour tous ces délicieux ‘choices’ ! Faudra quand même qu’un jour je m’achète une ‘machine à jus’ !Je vais y réfléchir! Bonne soirée, ma puce !Grosse bise,ta maman.


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