The Five-Day Juice Detox – Day One

I made it through Day 1 and I’m feeling pretty good! I did quite some physical exercice, didn’t get the urge to munch on anything, didn’t get hungry and didn’t get cranky at all! To be fair, I reckon Day One is the easiest. You’re just getting started, it’s exciting to take up a challenge and live a new experience! We’ll see what I’ll have to say in a couple of days.

Day One looked like this (you can click on the names of the juices to find the recipes):

I started the day with a swim and managed to wait until 10am to have my first juice (I’m pretty sure I was still full from last night’s dinner – tomorrow will be different). I sat in the cafeteria with my colleagues at lunchtime, sipping my gorgeous green juice away, and that also went pretty well; I thought it’d actually be harder to watch people eat but not at all – on the other hand, they did look at me a bit sceptical and intrigued! I didn’t eye the yummy vegan carrot cake that passed by my desk in the afternoon, and enjoyed my dinner in a bottle without batting an eyelid! Again, this is just Day One.

One bad thing though: the headache! I’m usually quite an avid coffee and tea drinker so I experienced a pretty bad caffeine/theine withdrawal headache. It wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle, just very annoying. I hit the Crossfit box for a good workout, and it did the trick! What sport can do to you…

My stack of juice for Day 2  is ready, and I can’t wait! (I mainly can’t wait because whilst writing this post, I realise that I’m actually getting hungry!)

Stay tuned!

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