Sweet recipes

The pineapple smoothie breakfast bowl

If you’re looking for a 100% natural and plant-based breakfast – in other words, vegan –  this one is for you! It doesn’t contain any dairy products, refined sugar or processed ingredients. Don’t be mistaken, it’s filling and will keep you going all morning! Ingredients Pineapple, 1/2 if it’s a small one, 1/3 if big…… Continue reading The pineapple smoothie breakfast bowl

Savoury recipes

The guacamole and kidney beans stuffed sweet potatoes

  My dear friend Valerie came over for dinner; she’s also a clean foodie, and a excellent cook. I didn’t have much time to go grocery shopping, so I used what was in my fridge to make up something. Outcome? Deliciously healthy!     Ingredients Sweet potatoes, 2 Kidney beans, 300-400gr (you can use canned beans,…… Continue reading The guacamole and kidney beans stuffed sweet potatoes